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All in one growth tracking, blogging, newsletter and twitter scheduling tool

Hi you amazing creatorπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I am Anshul, the founder and creator of ProductPottery. I have been following and getting inspired by many creators who have been building in public to share their knowledge and wisdom, but didn't find any app that could allow me to follow their journey from start to finish.

I decided to create ProductPottery to track journey of growth of a product from it's inception. Technically it is a tool for building in public and is using itself for building in public.

Follow me on ProductPottery & twitter as I am building this in public.

What is ProductPottery?

ProductPottery is a managed blogging, growth tracking and newsletter platform for creators.
It has been specifically created for people who build their personal brands and audience.

Inbuilt Analytics* βœ…
Track your growth metrics βœ…
Newsletter Subscriptions βœ…
Smart Embeds* βœ…
βœ… Markdown Editing
βœ… Fully Managed
βœ… Custom Domain
βœ… Social Media Integration